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In the beginning

AutoLine Automotive started in 2017 on the sunshine coast by a young bloke by the name of Ben, still in his apprenticeship his friends and family were after someone to do auto repairs on their vehicles.

Ben's life long dream has been to own an auto repair business, so he said "yeah nah I'll fix ya car" like any young Aussie would and thus was the beginning of AutoLine Automotive the mobile Mechanic.

The early stages

The early days were difficult as Ben was still juggling a full time job as well as his growing client base. Word got around about an affordable and reliable mobile mechanic. Before long he was working every weekend.

The current day

Eventually Ben completed his apprenticeship at a dealership on the sunshine coast, moved workshops and worked there for around 6 months. As he was working there he noticed a change in his boss's attitude and eventually he knew where it was going, his boss wanted out. A deal was done and the workshop was bought by Ben and that's how we acquired the workshop.

So far we have been flat out and in the near future a bigger workshop and more employees are on the cards so keep tuned 🙂

Autoline Automotive